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Local Food Tastes Better

I consider myself lucky having been born and raised in Northern California.  I have traveled extensively and have lived in other states and countries, but I have always managed to come “home” to California.  I really don’t think my parents would have it any other way. And being that I am Californian I have never been of want,  agriculturally speaking.  We grow everything here…practically, and sometimes year round.  But for the first time, which is kind of surprising to me in a good way, is that I am buying what is really in season- LOCAL, and therefore lessening my family’s carbon footprint.  What this means is that I have not eaten tomatoes in a few months, our last batch of apples was just before Christmas, and we are slowly learning to love the root vegetables and citrus.  Oh I must confess that I do still  buy bananas though, because I do have a baby and we love our tropical acai smoothies.  I thought of posting this after my husband came from our local foods marketplace and our box was filled with these lovely tangerines:



I told my kids that this is what “in season” fruit should look like because it has not been transported more than 100 miles.  We also got carrots, potatoes and greens.  To help me out in staying local I try and buy all my produce from our santa cruz local food marketplace.  I also picked up this great local food wheel for the San Francisco Bay Area.  It has really been a fun teaching tool for our whole family.

the food wheel


Here’s a super easy recipe with root vegetables:

  • saute one onion and  some garlic
  • add any combination of cut root vegetables such as parsnips, turnips, beets, potatoes, carrots, celery root, etc.  and saute for about 10 minutes.  
  • add chicken broth
  • mash or put in blender  and return to pot.  Add dash of apple cider vinegar (b/c I do that with all my soups) and salt and pepper.
  • enjoy

Now, of course the  best way to stay local is to plant your own garden or participate in a community garden, as well as to preserve  your summer bounty… but I am not always so well organized!  I am going to try better this year with a garden.


Local Food is Real Food


feel so lucky to live here

Local Foods Santa Cruz

I feel so lucky that I live in a place where fresh local food is so available.  About two months ago two wonderful farmers launched an incredible business venture, Eleanor and Noah started Local Foods Santa Cruz which brings the farm to the people.  In a matter of clicks you can order organic produce, grass fed beef, raw milk, fresh flowers, organic bread, and pickled beets, etc. – – and then pick it up once a week.   And it is all local, within 100 miles more or less…  Oh my… this is just what I have been looking for.  With three kids,  the almost daily farmer markets we have in our community are sometimes difficult to manuever.  Even though we have a plethora of natural food markets to choose from, this is soooo much easier.  After doing a little market research the prices on some items are actually less and others are quite comparable.  But what I think is really going to make this venture succeed is the real people involved in it. Noah and Eleanor are passionate about real food and farming and it shows. Check it out and see if you can start a local food marketplace in you community.  Cheers to real food!!


This is pick up day!!

This is pick up day!!