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Truly Inspirational Homeschooling

I am truly amazed by what my homeschooling mom peers do and create to inspire their children. I am only on year four of this journey with my children and I know the possibilities are endless.  I just am so inspired when I see something like what this mom has created with her students.  It makes me what to do the same thing, but in my neighborhood.  Take a look, it is a little long, but so worth it.

Check out Akamai Backyard, and see how attainable sustainable really is.

Nor Cal Ren Faire

Don’t forget to get yourself to the Northern California Renaissance Faire if  ye is up for a good time to eat, drink and be merry…

jousting- "to the death" my son noted

this is why we love the ren faire... "living history"

ah yes, could not forget the Queen!

Have fun!!

Why do I homeschool??

My #1 reason why we homeschool our children is because I strongly believe in letting kids be kids. I do not believe that kindergarteners should have homework, but they do… I believe that siblings should be best friends and families should have family time together every day.  I think that our current educational system is outdated and does not work for every kid and family. I believe that through homeschooling we are letting our kids develop at their own speed rather than the speed of the state standards and their peers.

The book that really helped solidify my own philosphy was reading John Taylor Gatto’s book, Dumbing Us Down.  Once you read that book, I feel it is very difficult to not ask for something more in terms of public education.  Before I was a mom, I taught high school history for seven years, and I loved it.  I taught AP, and was a slave to the test. I taught my students how to take a test, albeit they learned critical thinking skills, but the focus of the class was to pass the test for college credit.  Now, I don’t think I can do that.  If ever go back in to the classroom I would be such a different teacher, a teacher that would probably have my run-ins with the principal because I am so strongly against standardized teaching.  After reading Gatto’s book, I explored the different types of homeschooling options from Thomas Jefferson, Unschooling, and traditional home school set ups, and realized that this is what our path is going to be when our son started school.  We are lucky that we live in a home school friendly county where there are several school hybrid options.  We actually go to school two days a week all day and the rest of the days the kids are home with me.  They are involved in a charter school which rents a room on a one school district campus. The kids are involved in school functions and understand the school community.  I think it is a win- win.