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Garlic PopCorn… Keep the “ill’n” away

the best garlic popcorn ever

So this is the season of the “ill’n”  A time when the kids seem to be physically and emotionally spent .  Actually I think we all are… and that is why we are all susceptible to illness at this time.  We all need to be supported nutritionally at this time so that we don’t get sick.  I don’t like taking a lot of supplements because it gets pricey and do you really know what is in your supplement?  I  believe that my kids have been relatively most healthy since I drastically changed my eating habits and subsequently theirs, two years ago.  It is about changing eating habits slowly, and substituting real food for fake food.  Remember, even stuff from Whole Foods is fake.

even the "meat eaters" get real food

So this winter I have been making a few yummy nutrient dense snack food to support everyone nutritionally.  But the kids do go to school, Brent does work in a bank, and we do have a 2 year old who puts most things in her mouth; WE DO GET SICK.  And when we do I make sure that we stay away from dairy, sugar, bready carbs, and artificial ingredients.  What’s left?  Well we  make eggs and smoothies for breakfast, soups for lunch, and soups or meat for dinner.  Our snack food consists of kale chips, beef jerky,  granola, garlic popcorn, blueberries, oranges, and apples.  So these are the things that we have been eating, even in illness… ( FYI- the discomfort period is shorter when we have eliminated sugar, artificial ingredients, and heavy carbs from diet.)

I think right now my most favorite is the garlic pop corn.

I make my popcorn on the stove top now in a cast iron pot.

I use coconut oil and make sure the entire bottom is generously covered and then add 1/2 cup of refrigerated corn*.

Cover and Keep Shaking….shake… shake…. check!!  watch out!  Shake!

In the meantime, melt pasture butter with lots and lots of garlic. I use almost a whole head sometimes.  Add to popcorn, once popped and mix well so it doesn’t clump.  Add a wee bit of sea salt…  soooo good!

*Why refrigerated?  Well I never used to do it until I read this book, about popcorn. It is really a delightful book full of  the history of corn and how you can get more use out of all the kernals.  Ahem that is where the refrigeration comes in… with more moisture- easier pop… I will leave the rest for interested readers.