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chil-ee-kill-eees…my favorite breakfast

just the basics... onion, corn tortillas, eggs, beans, and salsa.

I love chiliquiles… It has been a favorite meal of mine since I was  a little girl.  The crunchier the tortilla the  better.  It was my mom’s go-to when dad was working late in the City.  We used to love “breakfast for dinner,” which probably didn’t happen all too  much, but often enough that I have fond memories of it.  So I remember the recipe well in my childhood, but after I went to college I didn’t see it much.  But  then I  went on a chiliquile phase when I first lived  with Brent,  ( I was trying to wow him, along with my tuna casserole. I really don’t want to remember how many times we made that, you know the one with corn flake topping?) and we would only make it for dinner and use everything in the refrigerator.  That grew old and forgotten, and the chiliquiles would come out only on occasion, until now.

My son has asked for it the past three days, and I have made it for the past two…  We had gone to one of our favorite breakfast spots in town, and both my husband and I ordered it, and Taeg could not have enough… The rest is history!

I know there are plenty official chiliquile recipes out there, but I have never seen one.  This is my recipe, but I have given it away many times, including to  a  Mexican restaurant in Takayama Japan, where the most kind Mexican adoring Japanese couple that one would ever meet, asked me for a Mexican recipe. I was almost a celebrity.  Sometimes the tortillas burn or are too soft… You’ll figure it out.   Anyway, so change it up yourself and see what happens. I think all you really need are the eggs and corn tortillas.  Let me know.



4 eggs-   beaten (milk and salt optional)

5-6 corn tortillas – cut in to triangles

About 2  tablespoons coconut oil or what ever high heat oil you prefer

1 onion- chopped




bell peppers (optional)

pinto or black beans (optional)

cheese (optional)


Saute chopped onions in about a tablespoon of oil over medium heat.  At this time you can choose to saute other veggies, like garlic,  chopped bell peppers, zucchini, etc.  After about five minutes, scoop veggies out and put in another bowl, retaining oil and adding another tablespoon of oil.  Add  cut corn tortillas and cook until they are golden and look crispy.  (you might have to add more oil here, and this could take a while)  Once chips are more soft- crispy, more crispy than soft, put chips to the side of the pan you are cooking in and pour in the eggs (already beaten) Let them cook.  Start scrambling the eggs and mix with the chips and add the onions and veggies.   Now this seems pretty good, but you can also add beans, cheese, and salsa.  Actually my mom’s original recipe called for tomato paste when you add the eggs, I don’t do that anymore…    Take off heat, and garnish with cilantro, salsa, cheese, and avocado.  ENJOY!!!!!