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chil-ee-kill-eees…my favorite breakfast

just the basics... onion, corn tortillas, eggs, beans, and salsa.

I love chiliquiles… It has been a favorite meal of mine since I was  a little girl.  The crunchier the tortilla the  better.  It was my mom’s go-to when dad was working late in the City.  We used to love “breakfast for dinner,” which probably didn’t happen all too  much, but often enough that I have fond memories of it.  So I remember the recipe well in my childhood, but after I went to college I didn’t see it much.  But  then I  went on a chiliquile phase when I first lived  with Brent,  ( I was trying to wow him, along with my tuna casserole. I really don’t want to remember how many times we made that, you know the one with corn flake topping?) and we would only make it for dinner and use everything in the refrigerator.  That grew old and forgotten, and the chiliquiles would come out only on occasion, until now.

My son has asked for it the past three days, and I have made it for the past two…  We had gone to one of our favorite breakfast spots in town, and both my husband and I ordered it, and Taeg could not have enough… The rest is history!

I know there are plenty official chiliquile recipes out there, but I have never seen one.  This is my recipe, but I have given it away many times, including to  a  Mexican restaurant in Takayama Japan, where the most kind Mexican adoring Japanese couple that one would ever meet, asked me for a Mexican recipe. I was almost a celebrity.  Sometimes the tortillas burn or are too soft… You’ll figure it out.   Anyway, so change it up yourself and see what happens. I think all you really need are the eggs and corn tortillas.  Let me know.



4 eggs-   beaten (milk and salt optional)

5-6 corn tortillas – cut in to triangles

About 2  tablespoons coconut oil or what ever high heat oil you prefer

1 onion- chopped




bell peppers (optional)

pinto or black beans (optional)

cheese (optional)


Saute chopped onions in about a tablespoon of oil over medium heat.  At this time you can choose to saute other veggies, like garlic,  chopped bell peppers, zucchini, etc.  After about five minutes, scoop veggies out and put in another bowl, retaining oil and adding another tablespoon of oil.  Add  cut corn tortillas and cook until they are golden and look crispy.  (you might have to add more oil here, and this could take a while)  Once chips are more soft- crispy, more crispy than soft, put chips to the side of the pan you are cooking in and pour in the eggs (already beaten) Let them cook.  Start scrambling the eggs and mix with the chips and add the onions and veggies.   Now this seems pretty good, but you can also add beans, cheese, and salsa.  Actually my mom’s original recipe called for tomato paste when you add the eggs, I don’t do that anymore…    Take off heat, and garnish with cilantro, salsa, cheese, and avocado.  ENJOY!!!!!

Lazy Days of Summer

Finally, summer has hit our California coastal town. I was beginning to think that she was going to not visit this year.  Honestly I have yet to harvest a tomato, but the last few days have been filled with beachy fun, creek walking, and lots of berry picking.  I forgot we did pick our peach tree clean about two weeks ago, which is a summer treat, but besides the peaches, the fog has been thick.  I am embarrassed to write this but I have had the heat on more this summer than I would really like to admit. So here’s to hoping more sun this summer.  Think sunny thoughts…

summertime fun with homemade blackberry smoothie popsicles

I’m Back… i think

Well, well it has been quite a few months,  five months and a day to be exact.  Where have I been?

I have been busy with life and often thought of writing, but yet couldn’t find the motivation. Why am I writing this blog I so often asked myself?  And honestly I couldn’t figure out what the answer was, and it is still a little blurry for me.  What I do know is that I love learning new things and I love sharing what I learn. Initially I wanted to start this blog as a journal of my healing journey when I got sick last spring with c.diff, but then it turned into a place to share some of my favorite recipes, talk homeschooling, and simply talk life…  and I guess at some point it just morphed into one more thing to do.  I often visited and started entries but never finished them…   I guess I figured is anyone even  bothering to read these, b/c  I was writing for an audience?  Do I keep writing for an audience with links or do I just write for myself?  I guess that is the big question for I would love to make money (!!!!!!) yes, I would, but to what extent do I wanted to be tied to this blog?  Do I want advertisers?  Do I want to write everyday?

Well this is a start that I am going to post… might erase later, but I am still here if anyone is still there, and I am going to write at least two entries a week… starting NOW.

p.s.- I actually have about 10 entries just waiting to be finished…

Super Super Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

I absolutely love tortilla soup.  It is what I order most often when we go to a Mexican food restaurant.  Some of them get it right, and others not so much.  I have tried many recipes but get turned off by the preparation work and time.  So I was most excited, when a friend gave me this easy recipe.  I feel like it is cheating a little bit, but it is sooo good that well I really don’t care that I use packaged salsa.  (SHHHHH)  

Prepare your chicken by either boiling or roasting and cut up the chicken pieces. I usually use the whole chicken.  

Super Easy Tortilla Soup

– cut chicken pieces

-corn – either frozen or cut off the cob

– container of  “good” chunky salsa

–  5 cups of  homemade chicken broth

– 1 onion, garlic, cumin and coriander

– cilantro, avocado, jack cheese, and fried tortilla strips (the best part)

Saute onion and garlic.  Add some cumin and coriander, salt and pepper.   Add chicken broth.  Bring to a slow boil.  Add the corn,  salsa and chicken. 

While the soup simmers, fry the  corn tortilla strips in oil ( I usually use coconut  or olive), cube the cheese and avocado.

SOOOOO easy…. Enjoy the soup with all the garnishes…

Mama got a new car…

One day I will sit down and write about why we had to trade in my most favorite car…but for now, with three kids we are being practical.  If only they knew what happened in Baja… I will leave it at that.  

"my beloved... and the other car"

The Sugar Fairie

Last weekend was Halloween:


"historical figure halloween"--- Ancient Egypt

And this week is the week after Halloween, which if often filled  with candy stories and  sometimes sick kids. Iwas hoping to avoid the latter, so I tried something new this year.



The Sugar Fairie



The Sugar Fairie stopped by… She took all my kids’ candy during the middle of the night, because rumor has it that she melts the candy and paints beautiful fairie scene pictures, similar to those of Robert  BelAirs.    She also left them 86 cents, 3 pieces of candy, and a book.  They loved it!!!  And so did I.”

fyi- she offers three packages, A, B, and C

A- $$$

B- gift

c= surprise, but it could be nothing

My kids chose the surprise package… and they recived two great books.   I ordered these here, which is my most favorite kids’ book catalog.

I will be calling her next year…



    "pretty in pink"

REAL FOOD Road Tripping

When one is dealing with an illness, going on the road does not seem like a good idea.  Truth be told, it is not.  I was on the road for a month, and now I am feeling the consequences.  I would not change my decision for our family of five to be on the road, for we had a most wonderful incredible time.  However, the lack of routine did take its toll.  It is going to be a challenge to find a balance of what makes me happy (traveling with my family) and what is best for my health.  I am relatively young and healthy which allows me a bit more flexibility to bounce back, but I want to be strong and not at all feel compromised.  

I think the answer is FREEZING  and DRYING real food.  Here are some ideas:


  •  NUTS:  soak nuts in salted water for 4-8 hours and then dry for 24-48 hours in a dehydrator
  • FRUIT:  slice in season fruit and dehyrdate until you like the hardness
  • JERKY:  have your butcher slice up flank steak, marinate, and then dehydrate  
  • KALE CHIPS:  take kale leaves off stalk and marinate in a tahini, acv, salt, nama shoyu, water, blend and dehydrate
  • FLAX CRACKERS:  soak flax seeds for four hours, and then put half in a blender with a tub of salsa and possibly some extra garlic, celery stalk.  Blend and lay out and dehydrate.
  • GLUTEN FREE RAW GRANOLA:  soak nuts for 4-8 hours, such as pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, seasame seeds, pumpkin seeds, (use all or few) and then add to blended dates and water (w/o seeds, i learned the hard way). Mix with you hands and spread on sheets and dehyrate for at least 30 hours.  I also sometimes add ground cinammon, vanilla to the date mixture

Most of these quickie recipes are for people familiar with a dehydrator.  If you need more instruction just email me, and I will give you specifics.  As for freezing I did about five batches of soup.  Yes, that did take me some time, but it was such a great feeling to have an easy, ready, home cooked meal when we were camping or in a rented kitchenette on our road trip. Use some of your favorite soup recipes to bring on the road.   Here are some of my abridged quickie soup recipes ideal for freezing:

note: you can also use these soups as bases and add on the road.  You could also add the creme optionally or on the road. I just do it for good fats!!


#1 My Tomato Basil

saute onions, sliced carrots, ( I sometimes add sliced beets too) and garlic in butter

add two 15 oz. cans of Muir Organic diced tomatoes

simmer and add chopped basil (here, I sometimes add spinach as well)…simmer

blend in a blender ( remember heat expands!)

return to pot and add creme fraiche!

s&p to taste

place in mason jars, NOT TO THE TOP,  and freeze

#2.- Potato Leek

Saute 2 shallots with 4 leeks in some butter

add homemade chicken broth

add potatoes

simmer until potatoes are cooked


add creme fraiche

s&p to taste

Put in mason jars…

# 3 – Simple Lentil Soup (or split pea)

Cook bacon (2-4 pieces) in large soup pot

saute diced onions/carrots/ and celery in bacon grease

add homemade chicken broth and soaked lentils (just split pea)

simmer for a few hours

add a can/fresh diced tomatoes

add tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

s&p to taste

Put in mason jars…

The above recipes are my stand -bys.  These are made often… with love.  

Hope you give one or some a try and let me know how they turn out.  

p.s.- don’t forget the beauty of the hard boiled egg!!!!

We Love The Family Bed



Big Bro and Baby Sis in the Family Bed- notice the sleeping similarities

Big Bro and Baby Sis in the Family Bed- notice the sleeping similarities

We are firm believers in the “Family Bed.”  Despite the ever present criticism of such poor parenting choices, we have fully embraced it for our three children.  Sure, we got a crib when our son was born seven years ago, and I think  he might have spent 1/2 night there.  Whatever amount of time he did spend, was not pleasant for any of us, except maybe his growing collection of stuffed animals, which turned in to be the principal use of that crib.  We gladly donated it and never even looked back with the subsequent births of our two daughters.  

The Family Bed is not easy, but the rewards are great, especially if you are a working mom.  It is funny to me how people say they have tried it,  and the common complaint is that they can not sleep with all the kicking.  Well, for me I would rather be kicked than  have to get my butt up every few hours to check in on the crib.  My husband would often tell me that the baby would nurse all night, and I would be like, “really, I didn’t wake up at all?”  And that there is the beauty of the family bed, besides of course all the love.  

Yes, there were times when both kids and I were in the bed, and as they got older (and bigger,) four in the bed was not as comfy.  Those nights, my husband opted to sleep in the bunk bed which provided more adventures than we imagined…  When our daughter turned two and a quarter, we decided it was time to get them in their own beds.  We made a holiday out of it with cake and all and made it an occasion. There was no looking back and for the last three years the two of them have been sharing a bed happily, and sleeping all nigh,t all the time, seriously ,despite limbs over sibling body parts.  

Now with the birth of our third daughter we have gone back to the family bed, and are relishing every moment of tenderness.  The older kids are a bit jealous and wish they can partake, but there is no room this time around.  They are in their own beds, in their own rooms, and are doing great.  We sleep well.

 Hooray for the family  bed!!