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i heart j.crew

Oh my, I love J. Crew in every season.  I have been a fan well over 20 years, and they still get it right.  Although the sequin swami pants (pg. 70) are little unflattering, even on Katie Holmes, the timeless cardigans, jeans, cords and dresses rock.  Oh, and the purses are amazing, the “exhibitor collection” is solid. Look how cute the “pouchette” is. That is super cute and versatile. The fall cords are of course awesome, and I think I am going to go for it this year. And let me please do a shout out for the swim suit (pg 76), you can not go wrong with the cinnabar. I have a similarly designed suit from last summer’s collection and it is  still a “pool/beach side hit!”  Every time…

(And I just love Katie in the crystal briolette dress.  So cute.. I have always liked her, she is pretty cool. I actually almost named my daughter, joey/josephine, after joey potter  from Dawson’s Creek.  A little much I know, but I think that is why, in the end, we decided to name her juliet, instead.  ha ha)

This is what I did today when my baby napped: looked through the new j.crew catalog and then wrote about all the things I wanted. A woman can dream…

Fall Frye

IMG_1205As I have been perusing over blogs the last few days,  many posts have had praise for the coming fall season.  The reasons are plentiful from fall harvests and slow food to shorter days and colder weather.   However, for me,  the fall means the season to wear my fabulous Frye Boots.  I absolutely adore these boots.  ‘Tis the season!!