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’tis the season



The Advent Elf and the “Living Christmas Tree” are here for the month bestowing much holiday spirit in our home.  

Let the crafting begin… 

"Paint a Christmas picture," said the Advent Elf

Most of the elf’s pockets are filled with things to do around the home.  Today they chose to paint a picture, so to make it special I put together two sets with acrylic paints, brushes, and canvases.  They had a blast!!


The Sugar Fairie

Last weekend was Halloween:


"historical figure halloween"--- Ancient Egypt

And this week is the week after Halloween, which if often filled  with candy stories and  sometimes sick kids. Iwas hoping to avoid the latter, so I tried something new this year.



The Sugar Fairie



The Sugar Fairie stopped by… She took all my kids’ candy during the middle of the night, because rumor has it that she melts the candy and paints beautiful fairie scene pictures, similar to those of Robert  BelAirs.    She also left them 86 cents, 3 pieces of candy, and a book.  They loved it!!!  And so did I.”

fyi- she offers three packages, A, B, and C

A- $$$

B- gift

c= surprise, but it could be nothing

My kids chose the surprise package… and they recived two great books.   I ordered these here, which is my most favorite kids’ book catalog.

I will be calling her next year…



    "pretty in pink"

A buckboard wagon for four

We made our way to my father in law’s house because he is a wood worker and is working on a wagon project with the kids.  Here is another reason why we love to homeschool.  Their Poppy, as he is affectionately known, is an amazing artisan woodworker.  We enlisted his help early on in this homeschool journey of ours and he has helped T make a skateboard,  an oar boat:

the "Nature Boat" at Comanche

"the Nature Boat"

and this year’s project, is a Buckboard Wagon.  Ambitious, it was L’s idea,  since now she is a homeschooler as well. We got the designs from this company and then they adjusted them to fit their desired measurements. This project is expected to last about 10 weeks, and Poppy has broken down each week’s lesson down so that each child learns vocabulary, math, and wood working skills such as sanding, gluing, clamping, planing, cutting, etc.  I hung around today and had fun watching them work in the woodshop.  Today they cut, planed, and glued the sides together.  


cut wood for the floor and sides




clamping down

Today also brought some light rain… the season’s starting to change.

“Every Picture Tells a Story… Don’t It?”


my daughter's "Jack O' Lantern

my daughter's "Jack O' Lantern

my daughter's version of a mountain lion looking for lunch... the duck is hiding in the pond surrounded by trees- too bad for the mountain lion.

my daughter's version of a mountain lion looking for lunch... the duck is hiding in the pond surrounded by trees- too bad for the mountain lion.

based on a true story, my son being "chased" by a buck while riding his mt. bike on Bowen Island, B.C.

based on a true story, my son being "chased" by a buck while riding his mt. bike on Bowen Island, B.C.

My children love their art class. She teaches them color and technique, the inspiration is endless and the creativity priceless…

hide and seek pillows


bitty things to hide

bitty things to hide

I found this idea on ETSY, I absolutely love that website.  I have bought several items from different artists and crafters and have always had a positive experience.  I dream of one day opening a shop, but usually my crafting goes in waves.  I do one batch and then on to something new.  So this was something I did for my school age children knowing that we were going to be on the road for three weeks.  The best part about it, was that it was a surprise.  I just asked them to pick a piece of fabric and then I did the rest, which was quite simple.  

A few years ago when I was pregnant, my husband and I were invited to a “Las Vegas” theme party and I got a “huge” wedding dress. I have subsequently taken apart this dress for various craft projects, it is amazing how much tule it has…  I then cut the different shapes, and then stitched the tule to one side.  I then put the rice and the itty bitty things in and stitched it all together.  



our hide and seek pillows

our hide and seek pillows

Now, taking it a step further for the road trip I used the first picture above and took some things away from the plate and took another picture.  I then had then see what the differences were between the two pictures. The kids loved these pillows and games.  Have Fun!

Our Polenta Placenta

Our baby is now five months old.  It goes by so fast…

… Because now our baby is six and a half months.  I have to write about my polenta, oh I mean, my placenta.  When we first tried to prepare our older children for our homebirth of our third child we read books, had discussion and watched some videos, and often the “birth” of the placenta is left out.    We knew the placenta is a bit scary looking for many adults and could only imagine what a child would think, but we wanted to prepare them. 4664_028_

They were too young, and I not so brave as to cook my placenta, but with their placentas, we planted fruit trees.  My daughter has a plentiful peach tree and my son an almost abundant apple tree.  I have talked to  many mamas who still have their placentas in their freezer.  I know because it took us about five years to plant both of our trees.  But if you are going to cook  your placenta I would recommend doing it soon after birth.  It was something I had heard about, and wanted to do but was a bit nervous  about it.  But I am so glad that my accupuncturist recommended I do it because I think it has really strengthed my  blood when I really needed it post partum.

So getting back to the polenta…  our 5 year old daughter couldn’t remember (or didn’t want to) the word,  placenta and always referred to it as polenta.  We now refer to it as the polenta placenta.

My husband, (who wants it be known that he has garnered high warlock status,) prepared most of it, and  I took some pictures…   It should be prepared with love and respect because it is not an easy thing to do.  The day after our daughter was born at home,  we decided to go for it… and you should too!!






Center yourself and recognize and be grateful for this process.  The placenta can be very healing and strengthening for the post partum mama.  Rinse the placenta and remove any clots or loose blood.  Prepare the other ingredients and put it all in a stainless steel pot with just enough filtered water where everything is covered.  Simmer until completely cooked.  It should feel tender, not tough- this takes about an hour and a half.

Remove placenta from water and cool to room temp. Using a sharp knife, slice very thinly in long strips and lay strips on cookie sheets or oven racks.  I actually used my dehydrator which worked perfectly, but the oven does it well too on the lowest setting.  It is ready when it snaps.  It looks like beef jerky, but doesn’t taste as good!!


almost like beef jerky

almost like beef jerky

Leave in an uncovered jar for one day and then cover for storage. When you are ready to use it, use your coffee grinder and put in gel caps. Only grind what you are going to use.  And it is suggested that you take one to two with a little  hot water.  If you are feeling weak, take up to two in the morning and then two at night.  This recipe was taken from my acupuncturist and there is more information available online.  NEVER TAKE WHEN FEVER IS PRESENT.

I still use my placenta, and I truly believe in the healing and strengthening qualities of it.  I will be sad when it is no longer available…

Vintage Tooth Fairy

We are anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy/slug in the next few weeks.  Two of my children are having fun loosening their teeth. The older of the two is waiting to lose tooth #7, while the younger of the two is hoping for #1.  My husband and I have already discussed the tooth fairy or what my husband lovingly refers to as the tooth slug. We settled on a $2.00 maximum and something else.  It is funny how caught up we get in it all, and I strongly believe in keeping the tooth fairy vintage. I applaud those parents who stand firm and give a quarter for a lost tooth, rather than give into popular pressure,( and inflation) that more is better. A friend posted on her facebook that her daughter asked for $20., and the mom actually said she had to go back in to her room and  put more money in. What???? I hate this permissive parenting sh@!. But truth be told, I am guilty of it as well. For why was I not happy with just $2.00?  So I knew I had to add something else, but didn’t want it to be money.   We usually give the $$ in quarters, and then  because our son was into fishing at the time we added fishing lures to the pocket.  He loved it, and my husband loved cleaning out his old tackle box. My suggestion is to find some old costume jewelry or something that is hidden in a drawer for your kids, rather than $$.  We are trying to figure out what to give our daughter  because she is anxiously awaiting something, but she had adamantly asked for no lures.  I am thinking of some random beads with a piece of leather string.  

To kick off the tooth fairy energy we did an easy craft project that they actually pretty much did themselves.  They made their own tooth fairy pillows and filled them with lavender and rice.  I let them choose their own fabrics and told them to choose a front, back and pocket. The first thing they had to do was figure out what shape and size.  They then cut out the shape of pillow that they wanted and decided where to put the pocket.  The pocket was sewed on first, and then they sewed three of the sides.  After that, they filled it up with rice and put in a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I then sew the last side because it is  a little tricky with the rice.  So now they have a tooth fairy pillow, eye relaxation pillow, and bean bag… They love ’em!!


Truly HomeMade Tooth Fairy Pillows

Truly HomeMade Tooth Fairy Pillows