opps… and some road trippin’ fun!

So I really did mean what I said, but I guess it really doesn’t count if I don’t publish … Really,  I have started so many posts from homemade laundry detergent, sushi, honey candy to stories about our most awesome eurovan and camping in the National Parks this summer.  Really, really interesting stories, but all without endings… I know I have  to take baby steps back to my blog routine, because as I look back,  I like what I have written as a time capsule of what our family has been up to.

So tonight’s the night that I will tell about some highlights of our super duper southwest road trip:

This summer has been incredible, really super incredible. It started out with an amazing 16 day Southwest road trip that was the best one yet.  We really didn’t have a solid plan but just knew our general direction.  We were able to hit Zion, Bryce,North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arches, Mesa Verde National Parks in addition to some other magical places ( Calf Creek Falls in Utah) along the way.  Our national parks are such treasures and I would highly recommend visiting them and experiencing the true splendor that they offer. Every place we went had a different strength that made them each unique.

In Zion,  it was the high walls, the hanging gardens, the wild Virgin River that was at flood stage that made the Narrows impassable.

beauty in Zion

In Bryce, it was the sunrise to sunset trail that took my breath away. The raw beauty of the “hoodoos” honestly made me cry.

hoodoo magic

It was a treat to take the kids to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at Sunset. The colors were unreal, and the magnitude was indescribable.  It was extra special to rub “Brighty’s nose” in the lodge because we were in the middle of reading , Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Margaurite Henry.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon

At Mesa Verde I was humbled by the civilization that had occupied these cliff dwellings  more than 1,000 years ago.

the possibilities...

And at Arches…(well Arches is my favorite,) … So alive with creation,   wind and water,  that is all it is… ( well,  and camping on the blm land on the Colorado River wasn’t too bad either.)


There were so many other places that we stopped along the way that made impressions on us, but I would have to say it was the National Parks that really came through for our family on this road trip.  I was so inspired I wanted to write a letter to Mr. Obama thanking him and his predecessors for our National Parks.  That is how wonderful!!!!!!


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