I’m Back… i think

Well, well it has been quite a few months,  five months and a day to be exact.  Where have I been?

I have been busy with life and often thought of writing, but yet couldn’t find the motivation. Why am I writing this blog I so often asked myself?  And honestly I couldn’t figure out what the answer was, and it is still a little blurry for me.  What I do know is that I love learning new things and I love sharing what I learn. Initially I wanted to start this blog as a journal of my healing journey when I got sick last spring with c.diff, but then it turned into a place to share some of my favorite recipes, talk homeschooling, and simply talk life…  and I guess at some point it just morphed into one more thing to do.  I often visited and started entries but never finished them…   I guess I figured is anyone even  bothering to read these, b/c  I was writing for an audience?  Do I keep writing for an audience with links or do I just write for myself?  I guess that is the big question for I would love to make money (!!!!!!) yes, I would, but to what extent do I wanted to be tied to this blog?  Do I want advertisers?  Do I want to write everyday?

Well this is a start that I am going to post… might erase later, but I am still here if anyone is still there, and I am going to write at least two entries a week… starting NOW.

p.s.- I actually have about 10 entries just waiting to be finished…


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