gratitude for my kitchen

I am grateful for my family, and for my kitchen.   Today I hosted my first Thanksgiving.  It was awesome.  It was different without my dad here, but it was nice celebrating with my sister, brother in law,  three nieces, my mom, and my family.  We had a “rural Pennsylvania thanksgiving,”  from this month’s Gourmet Magazine.   Oh my goodness, it was an incredible edible experience, and even more so because I cooked it with my mom and fed our family from my kitchen. My kitchen is rather small, and more than two people makes it crowded, so although there was a lot to do, we just put on some good music and got to work… I will not bore you with all the details of preparation, except to say my  mom and I had a super fun time cooking such goodness.  And even though we read two different turkey preparation recipes, with different times and degrees, it still came out super juicy.  And even though I bought half and half rather than creme…dinner was still splendid!!!

It looked like this- everything from scratch: (except the whipped creme which came from a can from our way too close to our house 7-11, bought at 7:25 tonight)

crispy nuts, tzaziki dip with toasted pita, deviled eggs

green salad, cranberry-orange relish, bacon smashed potatoes,  kale with pan fried walnuts, carrot casserole, stuffing with walnuts, apples, raisins, mushrooms, sweet potatoe bisquits

18 lb. beautiful turkey and gravy

apple and pumpkin pies


"my plate"



Gratitude for my kitchen and for my family…

Dinner was good… a nice walk, a game of scrabble for the adults, movie for the kids= a memorable and wonderful Thanksgiving.

…going to bed in anticipation for tomorrow- my girl is turning “6”  —-good times


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