a most perfect lunch

This morning’s post is about apple cider vinegar, also commonly known as ACV.  I was reintroduced to apple cider vinegar this past spring because after my hospitalization and antibiotic treatment, my body was very acidic.   My naturapath recommended Apple Cider Vinegar to  alkanalize my body.   After a few weeks, I noticed a difference.  I now use it most regularly in my soups, bone broths, salad dressings,  and sometimes I just take a swig or add some to water for a little kick.


 This website  answers most questions one would have about apple cider vinegar, including  history , recipe and random uses.   It does a much better job than I ever could…  

Currently I am using apple cider vinegar almost daily on a tasty salad that I make up for lunch and/or dinner.

Here are the ingredients: apple cider vinegar,  coconut oil, carrots, sunflower sprouts, 

soft cheese, and the best packaged organic dehydrated sprouted sunflower bread ever, made by Lydia!!!!


all local -within 75 miles (except Braggs)


add 1 tbs clarified coconut oil to 2 tsps. apple cider vinegar—- pour over grated carrots and mix.  It is a most splendid and nutritious salad this way,  or do as I did in the “most perfect lunch,” and put in on some cheese and  bread and top with sprouts… DELISH… and super easy!


"a most perfect lunch"


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