a million miles away…

This morning started out like most… B got up and took baby to the bathroom. He then went on a bike ride while I played with baby in bed and waited for the big kids to come into bed.  When they jumped in about an hour later, and B came home, we hung out and talked about dreams. We then got up and they got dressed for the day while I started breakfast. A scrambled egg yolk for baby, and this morning:  a special treat, in their eyes, cheerios and raw milk.  Now,  I beat myself up for buying cheerios knowing full well what they are made of and how they are made, (thank you sally fallon), but  I still love them… and so do my kids.

 After breakfast the kids got started on their school work and I put the baby down for her morning nap.  And then I was going to take a shower and tackle the morning chores, BUT today I decided to take a bath… and I don’t know why I don’t do that more often.  It felt like I was a million miles away.  It was fantabulous!!  And all it was… was a 2o minute bath.  Time enough to think some thoughts through and let the hot water and steam surround my body.




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