A buckboard wagon for four

We made our way to my father in law’s house because he is a wood worker and is working on a wagon project with the kids.  Here is another reason why we love to homeschool.  Their Poppy, as he is affectionately known, is an amazing artisan woodworker.  We enlisted his help early on in this homeschool journey of ours and he has helped T make a skateboard,  an oar boat:

the "Nature Boat" at Comanche

"the Nature Boat"

and this year’s project, is a Buckboard Wagon.  Ambitious, it was L’s idea,  since now she is a homeschooler as well. We got the designs from this company and then they adjusted them to fit their desired measurements. This project is expected to last about 10 weeks, and Poppy has broken down each week’s lesson down so that each child learns vocabulary, math, and wood working skills such as sanding, gluing, clamping, planing, cutting, etc.  I hung around today and had fun watching them work in the woodshop.  Today they cut, planed, and glued the sides together.  


cut wood for the floor and sides




clamping down

Today also brought some light rain… the season’s starting to change.


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