Kid Made Root Beer

Despite all the warnings, people still drink soda…   I am grateful that my own children do not like soda or juice too much. Of course, I am sure they would if given the opportunity, but I do a good job of extolling the value of real drinking water and always having it readily available, especially in their own Klean Kanteen water bottles.  These bottles are the original stainless steel containers and they were designed and are sold  by friends in my old college town. And by the way, here is another product made by friends in Chico that is both groovy and green.

Back to soda talk:  I know a lot of people have tried kefir soda pop made with water kefir grains, and to be honest I have tried it, but am not yet a fan.  I want to try it again, and hope that my experience would be similar to that of homemade kombucha…which I now love.  However, it too was definitely an acquired taste.  So today’s post is another soda alternative for the kids and one that they can help make (if they are old enough)…  I found it in this awesome  book which we are using as part of our homeschooling science (herbs and plants) curriculum. The herb sasparilla is very healing to the liver, skin, and blood.  All of the ingredients can easily be found at a natural foods store.

Natural Root Beer

sasparilla, water, anise seeds, and cinnamon bark is all you need.

simmer 1 tablespoon sasparilla in 1 1/2 cups of water covered for 15 minutes

add 2 teaspoons anise seeds and add 1 piece of cinnamon bark

pull of heat and steep covered for 10 minutes

strain and add 1/4 cup carbonated water

let cool


The kids did all the measuring and watched it simmer on the stovetop:


It smelled so good...

And then they watched it cool and drank it up:


"kidmade root beer"

Have fun and enjoy!!

Posted as part of REAL Food Wednesdays hosted by  Cheeseslave.


2 Responses to “Kid Made Root Beer”

  1. 1 Michelle @ Find Your Balance November 4, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Very cool! My husband would love that. Where do you find sasparilla? We’re also fans of water kefir with fresh fruit.

  2. 2 groovygreenmama November 4, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    I found the sasparilla in the bulk herb section in my local natural foods store. Thanks for the fresh fruit idea, I will try it…

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