Fabulous Fall

Fall is flying by… literally as I write this the leaves are falling and the wind is blowing our ghostly Halloween decorations about the yard.  October has been a wonderful month for our family, full of lots of family time and new adventures. We started off the month with a ten day trip to the North Shore of Oahu, which was absolutely fabulous.  We stayed here, and swam with the sea turtles, seriously.

We snorkeled every day…IMG_1503

We tried new and exciting food… the shrimp truck and the exotic fruit tasting night:IMG_1428IMG_1497


had our history lesson:IMG_1412

and just had the bestest time. I would highly recommend the North Shore in the fall.  There were less crowds, and the weather was just about perfect, that is if you like to sweat.  My health issues were kept at bay, even though I forgot my mighty probiotics.  I was fortunate enough to eat fairly healthy by going to the Farmer’s Market in Haleiwa (on Sundays 9-1) as well as to their awesome natural food store, Celestial Natural Foods.  I want to give a big shout out to Celestial Natural Foods, because it is not easy selling food in a tropical climate, and they do a darn good job of having quality “real” food on their shelves…

Although it was a tad difficult to adjust to home life post vacation Hawaii, our schedules crept back into our lives.  The kids and I were fortunate enough to go and see the King Tut exhibit in SF. I thought it was totally cool because thirty years ago, I saw the exhibit with my parents, and  here I was taking my kids to the same exhibit.  They loved it, we prepared by reading several books on the “boy king” as well as listening to the Boomerang audio cd’s, which we also love. The cd’s are such good road trip material, my kids love them, and so do I.  I describe it as NPR for kids…  

In addition to King Tut and Hawaii, we are back playing soccer, making soups, carving pumpkins, playing at the beach, and enjoying the California coast in October.  Life is good!!

 Beet Soup  (super easy)

adapted from Nourishing Traditions

peeled and chopped beets  (about 6 medium)

butter (about 4 tablespoons)

water (about 1 quart)

Place a rather large pad of butter into your soup pot and saute the beets for about a half hour. Add water.

Blend.  s& p to taste…  Add Creme Fraiche!!!  DELISH!!  p.s. my baby loves this!


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