Knotty Kale Chips

IMG_1279A new chapter has begun… my son has learned the art of tying his own shoes… I am so excited.  He learned on his own and at his own speed.  I love this boy!!  Now–  on to some other knots.

In other goings on at the house this morning the kale chips were dried overnight and came out great.  And the best part about this batch is that the kids love them.   They were not into the first few batches, but I have been trying different variations of a recipe from Sunny Raw Kitchen and they seemed to like this one the best.IMG_1244The secret ingredient was homemade pesto.  The basic recipe is tahini, nama shoyu, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, s&p, scallions, and water.  Blend in your blender and then tear off kale from the stalk and marinate.  SUPER EASY!!  Lay out on the sheets and dehydrate for at least 15 hours and then check…

IMG_1274Give it a try.  At our local stores they are going for $6.99 a bag.  SAVE  YOUR $$$$


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