Groovy Green Elimination Training…

My friend Jacque is awesome, she is such a momspiration.  I don’t know if there is such a word, but I made it up last year when thinking of a word to describe my daughter’s preschool teacher. A MOMSPIRATION is a mom who truly inspires you to be a better mom.  Well, my friend Jacque is one of those who is always positive and always up for  a good adventure. She is the one who motivates me to go to the annual Northern Calififornia Herbal Symposiums (will write more on that one later), and she is also the one who currently is motivating me to do elimination training.  What is elimination training?  ET is simply  potty training at an early age. She believes in it so much that she and her husband, Steve,  actually made an instructional DVD showing how to do it.  So, I watched the DVD and decided to give it a try… and you know what?  It actually is easier than you would think. Our 7 month old daughter has pooped every time in her baby toilet for the past week.  Every pee has not  been caught, but the poop, we are hitting 100%.  Now because she can’t walk to the toilet, it is up to us to figure out her body language, and when we do, we give her a noise sound on the toilet…and she goes.  The DVD teaches you Pavlov’s “Conditioning ReFlex” theory, which works perfectly for potty training.  Yes, it does take a little more work but I just keep thinking of all the diapers I am not using or washing; the epitome of truly Groovy and Green. Check out the DVD at Babies on Potties.



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