I’m green because…

leave only footprints...

leave only footprints...



Why am I “green”  I am green because it totally makes sense to me. I have seen the difference in air quality, water quality and land quality in my short life span.  What I do directly impacts future generations, and with three children I have to make smart decisions so that they can carry on good habits.  These are some of my “green efforts:”

  1. bring reusable bags when I shop
  2. go to thrift shops
  3. pay online bills
  4. use compostable diapers with a service + cloth diapers
  5. buy local as much as possible-  member of a CSA
  6. made my own fabric lunch/sandwich bags
  7. use cloth napkins/ towels
  8. recycle
  9. avoid processed foods b/c of packaging– more homemade food
  10. support local businesses, although it costs more $$ sometimes
  11. homebirth advocate
  12. homeschool advocate
  13. consciously trying to buy less plastic- toys, food packaging, STUFF
  14. 5 people in a 960 sf house
  15. clothesline
  16. timer in shower
  17. reusable water bottles
  18. make own laundry soap

Now for all the things that I am conscious about, there is probably  so much more  I could do …


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