hide and seek pillows


bitty things to hide

bitty things to hide

I found this idea on ETSY, I absolutely love that website.  I have bought several items from different artists and crafters and have always had a positive experience.  I dream of one day opening a shop, but usually my crafting goes in waves.  I do one batch and then on to something new.  So this was something I did for my school age children knowing that we were going to be on the road for three weeks.  The best part about it, was that it was a surprise.  I just asked them to pick a piece of fabric and then I did the rest, which was quite simple.  

A few years ago when I was pregnant, my husband and I were invited to a “Las Vegas” theme party and I got a “huge” wedding dress. I have subsequently taken apart this dress for various craft projects, it is amazing how much tule it has…  I then cut the different shapes, and then stitched the tule to one side.  I then put the rice and the itty bitty things in and stitched it all together.  



our hide and seek pillows

our hide and seek pillows

Now, taking it a step further for the road trip I used the first picture above and took some things away from the plate and took another picture.  I then had then see what the differences were between the two pictures. The kids loved these pillows and games.  Have Fun!


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