Our Polenta Placenta

Our baby is now five months old.  It goes by so fast…

… Because now our baby is six and a half months.  I have to write about my polenta, oh I mean, my placenta.  When we first tried to prepare our older children for our homebirth of our third child we read books, had discussion and watched some videos, and often the “birth” of the placenta is left out.    We knew the placenta is a bit scary looking for many adults and could only imagine what a child would think, but we wanted to prepare them. 4664_028_

They were too young, and I not so brave as to cook my placenta, but with their placentas, we planted fruit trees.  My daughter has a plentiful peach tree and my son an almost abundant apple tree.  I have talked to  many mamas who still have their placentas in their freezer.  I know because it took us about five years to plant both of our trees.  But if you are going to cook  your placenta I would recommend doing it soon after birth.  It was something I had heard about, and wanted to do but was a bit nervous  about it.  But I am so glad that my accupuncturist recommended I do it because I think it has really strengthed my  blood when I really needed it post partum.

So getting back to the polenta…  our 5 year old daughter couldn’t remember (or didn’t want to) the word,  placenta and always referred to it as polenta.  We now refer to it as the polenta placenta.

My husband, (who wants it be known that he has garnered high warlock status,) prepared most of it, and  I took some pictures…   It should be prepared with love and respect because it is not an easy thing to do.  The day after our daughter was born at home,  we decided to go for it… and you should too!!






Center yourself and recognize and be grateful for this process.  The placenta can be very healing and strengthening for the post partum mama.  Rinse the placenta and remove any clots or loose blood.  Prepare the other ingredients and put it all in a stainless steel pot with just enough filtered water where everything is covered.  Simmer until completely cooked.  It should feel tender, not tough- this takes about an hour and a half.

Remove placenta from water and cool to room temp. Using a sharp knife, slice very thinly in long strips and lay strips on cookie sheets or oven racks.  I actually used my dehydrator which worked perfectly, but the oven does it well too on the lowest setting.  It is ready when it snaps.  It looks like beef jerky, but doesn’t taste as good!!


almost like beef jerky

almost like beef jerky

Leave in an uncovered jar for one day and then cover for storage. When you are ready to use it, use your coffee grinder and put in gel caps. Only grind what you are going to use.  And it is suggested that you take one to two with a little  hot water.  If you are feeling weak, take up to two in the morning and then two at night.  This recipe was taken from my acupuncturist and there is more information available online.  NEVER TAKE WHEN FEVER IS PRESENT.

I still use my placenta, and I truly believe in the healing and strengthening qualities of it.  I will be sad when it is no longer available…


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