Soccer Season Has Begun…2009

Today was the first game of soccer season for my son and daughter.  It was an awesome day!!  It was our daughter’s first experience playing and although she might have been scared of the ball, she ran and had a smile on her face the entire time despite the sweltering heat right now in our CA coastal town. We are not used to weather like this, especially playing in it. Our son played next at high noon, and this is his thing.  He really enjoys the game and is good, I think that helps. There is not much he is not good at, physically. ( There is definitely work in other areas though, but physically he rocks.)  He had a “hat trick.” 

Anyway there are snacks at half time:


"the huddle"




and now after the game as well.  The snacks at half are usually fruit, tradionally oranges, but some people add their own spin on it. THIS IS GREAT…Since we have started playing soccer the message has been put out about bringing your own water bottles, hence not wasting plastic. THIS IS GREAT! But the junk that passes as “reward food,” for after the game.- NOT GREAT!  For example, popsicles, chips, sugary granola bars, gatorades…the list goes on.  My kids love this “junk food.”  What do I do?  We eat healthily 98% of the time, a part of me wants to let it go, but then I also want to educate.  What if I told them what I knew? Everyone wants to raise healthy kids, and maintain good health…right?   I want to send a message. How do I do it, while still respecting everyones’ parenting styles? I like these parents, and have great respect for them in many areas, but nutritonally there is education to be done.  Do they really want to know what they are feeding their kids?  

ignorance is bliss…but also misleading


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