Life on the Road- Part 1 of a Northern California Family Road Trip

We had the best time!!! We want to stay on the road, seriously, we do it sooo well.  We loved that we had no attachments, just to each other, the five of us.  We worked so well together…New experiences and sights everyday kept it interesting for everyone.  Of course, the perfect weather also helped, including the record breaking hot day in Seattle.  

Jumping in Lake Washington at 7:00 P.M. ... good times

Jumping in Lake Washington at 7:00 P.M. ... good times


We spent 18 days on the road.  We had two places to meet people in the beginning, Juniper Lake, and in the middle, Bowen Island, and  the rest was up to us to see where the wind took us.  We drove miles when it felt good, and spent an extra night when we needed to as well.  We started the trip with a four day camping trip at Juniper Lake, in Mt. Lassen National Park.  We have spent quite a bit of time in Lassen, but this was our first trip to Juniper.  I love mountain lakes!!  Lassen  is the type of park where there is always something new to experience.  We have a love affair with it, similar to Sunset Magazine.  Every summer they mention different areas of Lassen National Park in their summer issues.  I was actually a little peeved this past month when  they mentioned Juniper Lake.  But it’s not for everybody, and those who journey there should bask in it.  Except for the mosquitoes(mid July) and pit toilet,  the swimmable mountain lake make it all worth it.        


Our next stop was a night in Mt. Shasta, at the Swiss Holiday Lodge, where our hosts allowed us to hang our laundry, on a clothes line on the front lawn. Oh, I wish had a picture!!  We had a nice clean room and were allowed to use a communal kitchen to make dinner.  It was a good respite after a few days of camping.  Onward and upward we drove into Oregon.  We did a long driving day, and made it to Salem, Oregon and chose a hwy 5 side KOA campground.  We were distracted by the old amusement park, actually old attractions are for sale, in front of the campground and the “fairyland ” attraction next door.  We actually were pretty stoked being there because it had a pool and a fishing pond and a nice camping spot away from the r.v.’s. No, not recommended tent camping spot, but very convenient for R.V. campers. The next day we hit a Silver Springs State Park and did mild hiking on top. It again was in Sunset magazine.   I definitely get a lot of travel ideas with Sunset.  I also, knowing we were heading on a road trip in this area, sent away to the Oregon and Washington Tourism Bureaus. ( word  i missed in 7th grade spelling bee) That was actually the first time I did that, I would highly recommend those as well. 


This is how we do it...Heart O' the Hills- loved it!!

This is how we do it...Heart O' the Hills- loved it!!




We drove until we needed to stop, only one bathroom break (fairy building),  mini-hike (silver springs), and books on tape made almost 600 miles fly by. We arrived tiredly at Olympic National Park Headquarters (closed at 7:30)in Port Angeles and decided to camp right up the road at Heart o’ the Hills Campground.  Another easy night of camp cooking with my frozen soups.  I actually wish we could have spent more time here, because there was so much to explore.  However, we were so anxious to cross the border, that we got up early to be ready for the ferry.   to be continued…


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