c.diff mama

I am a mom of three and I have c.diff.   The more I hear about this and the more I learn, the more convinced I am that people need to start taking care of their health though their own nutrition.  There are plenty of websites out there that will tell  you all about c.diff  in scientific jargon, as well as from the majority of people afflicted with this dis- ease taking antibiotics to cure this.  There are scores of stories from people who have had more than one course of action on antibiotics, as well as people who have  been told to use the tapering method,  in addition those brave souls who have gotten the fecal transplants. What is the correct thing to do?  Honestly, I am not a dr.  nor claim to know the answer, but I strongly believe that nutrition plays a much bigger role than the drs. give credit.  It is obvious that hospitals and drs. are unaware of the nutrition aspect when one has a hospital stay and they see the food they serve to SICK patients.  Most of it has corn starch, corn syrup,  and preservatives. I spent five days in the hospital (which cost my insurance $ 30,000), and have first hand knowledge of the crap they serve from their outsourced hospital food company.  Everything arrives in a box, and they then put in together as quickly as possible for the greatest profit margin.  I really can’t understand that considering I live in a very organic farm friendly part of CA.  Also interesting is the teachings of Weston Price and how his philosophy goes against popular dictcrats.  That is the diet I want to see in the hospital.  It is what I am using along with GAPS.


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