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REAL FOOD Road Tripping

When one is dealing with an illness, going on the road does not seem like a good idea.  Truth be told, it is not.  I was on the road for a month, and now I am feeling the consequences.  I would not change my decision for our family of five to be on the road, for we had a most wonderful incredible time.  However, the lack of routine did take its toll.  It is going to be a challenge to find a balance of what makes me happy (traveling with my family) and what is best for my health.  I am relatively young and healthy which allows me a bit more flexibility to bounce back, but I want to be strong and not at all feel compromised.  

I think the answer is FREEZING  and DRYING real food.  Here are some ideas:


  •  NUTS:  soak nuts in salted water for 4-8 hours and then dry for 24-48 hours in a dehydrator
  • FRUIT:  slice in season fruit and dehyrdate until you like the hardness
  • JERKY:  have your butcher slice up flank steak, marinate, and then dehydrate  
  • KALE CHIPS:  take kale leaves off stalk and marinate in a tahini, acv, salt, nama shoyu, water, blend and dehydrate
  • FLAX CRACKERS:  soak flax seeds for four hours, and then put half in a blender with a tub of salsa and possibly some extra garlic, celery stalk.  Blend and lay out and dehydrate.
  • GLUTEN FREE RAW GRANOLA:  soak nuts for 4-8 hours, such as pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, seasame seeds, pumpkin seeds, (use all or few) and then add to blended dates and water (w/o seeds, i learned the hard way). Mix with you hands and spread on sheets and dehyrate for at least 30 hours.  I also sometimes add ground cinammon, vanilla to the date mixture

Most of these quickie recipes are for people familiar with a dehydrator.  If you need more instruction just email me, and I will give you specifics.  As for freezing I did about five batches of soup.  Yes, that did take me some time, but it was such a great feeling to have an easy, ready, home cooked meal when we were camping or in a rented kitchenette on our road trip. Use some of your favorite soup recipes to bring on the road.   Here are some of my abridged quickie soup recipes ideal for freezing:

note: you can also use these soups as bases and add on the road.  You could also add the creme optionally or on the road. I just do it for good fats!!


#1 My Tomato Basil

saute onions, sliced carrots, ( I sometimes add sliced beets too) and garlic in butter

add two 15 oz. cans of Muir Organic diced tomatoes

simmer and add chopped basil (here, I sometimes add spinach as well)…simmer

blend in a blender ( remember heat expands!)

return to pot and add creme fraiche!

s&p to taste

place in mason jars, NOT TO THE TOP,  and freeze

#2.- Potato Leek

Saute 2 shallots with 4 leeks in some butter

add homemade chicken broth

add potatoes

simmer until potatoes are cooked


add creme fraiche

s&p to taste

Put in mason jars…

# 3 – Simple Lentil Soup (or split pea)

Cook bacon (2-4 pieces) in large soup pot

saute diced onions/carrots/ and celery in bacon grease

add homemade chicken broth and soaked lentils (just split pea)

simmer for a few hours

add a can/fresh diced tomatoes

add tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

s&p to taste

Put in mason jars…

The above recipes are my stand -bys.  These are made often… with love.  

Hope you give one or some a try and let me know how they turn out.  

p.s.- don’t forget the beauty of the hard boiled egg!!!!


Soccer Season Has Begun…2009

Today was the first game of soccer season for my son and daughter.  It was an awesome day!!  It was our daughter’s first experience playing and although she might have been scared of the ball, she ran and had a smile on her face the entire time despite the sweltering heat right now in our CA coastal town. We are not used to weather like this, especially playing in it. Our son played next at high noon, and this is his thing.  He really enjoys the game and is good, I think that helps. There is not much he is not good at, physically. ( There is definitely work in other areas though, but physically he rocks.)  He had a “hat trick.” 

Anyway there are snacks at half time:


"the huddle"




and now after the game as well.  The snacks at half are usually fruit, tradionally oranges, but some people add their own spin on it. THIS IS GREAT…Since we have started playing soccer the message has been put out about bringing your own water bottles, hence not wasting plastic. THIS IS GREAT! But the junk that passes as “reward food,” for after the game.- NOT GREAT!  For example, popsicles, chips, sugary granola bars, gatorades…the list goes on.  My kids love this “junk food.”  What do I do?  We eat healthily 98% of the time, a part of me wants to let it go, but then I also want to educate.  What if I told them what I knew? Everyone wants to raise healthy kids, and maintain good health…right?   I want to send a message. How do I do it, while still respecting everyones’ parenting styles? I like these parents, and have great respect for them in many areas, but nutritonally there is education to be done.  Do they really want to know what they are feeding their kids?  

ignorance is bliss…but also misleading

Life on the Road- Part 1 of a Northern California Family Road Trip

We had the best time!!! We want to stay on the road, seriously, we do it sooo well.  We loved that we had no attachments, just to each other, the five of us.  We worked so well together…New experiences and sights everyday kept it interesting for everyone.  Of course, the perfect weather also helped, including the record breaking hot day in Seattle.  

Jumping in Lake Washington at 7:00 P.M. ... good times

Jumping in Lake Washington at 7:00 P.M. ... good times


We spent 18 days on the road.  We had two places to meet people in the beginning, Juniper Lake, and in the middle, Bowen Island, and  the rest was up to us to see where the wind took us.  We drove miles when it felt good, and spent an extra night when we needed to as well.  We started the trip with a four day camping trip at Juniper Lake, in Mt. Lassen National Park.  We have spent quite a bit of time in Lassen, but this was our first trip to Juniper.  I love mountain lakes!!  Lassen  is the type of park where there is always something new to experience.  We have a love affair with it, similar to Sunset Magazine.  Every summer they mention different areas of Lassen National Park in their summer issues.  I was actually a little peeved this past month when  they mentioned Juniper Lake.  But it’s not for everybody, and those who journey there should bask in it.  Except for the mosquitoes(mid July) and pit toilet,  the swimmable mountain lake make it all worth it.        


Our next stop was a night in Mt. Shasta, at the Swiss Holiday Lodge, where our hosts allowed us to hang our laundry, on a clothes line on the front lawn. Oh, I wish had a picture!!  We had a nice clean room and were allowed to use a communal kitchen to make dinner.  It was a good respite after a few days of camping.  Onward and upward we drove into Oregon.  We did a long driving day, and made it to Salem, Oregon and chose a hwy 5 side KOA campground.  We were distracted by the old amusement park, actually old attractions are for sale, in front of the campground and the “fairyland ” attraction next door.  We actually were pretty stoked being there because it had a pool and a fishing pond and a nice camping spot away from the r.v.’s. No, not recommended tent camping spot, but very convenient for R.V. campers. The next day we hit a Silver Springs State Park and did mild hiking on top. It again was in Sunset magazine.   I definitely get a lot of travel ideas with Sunset.  I also, knowing we were heading on a road trip in this area, sent away to the Oregon and Washington Tourism Bureaus. ( word  i missed in 7th grade spelling bee) That was actually the first time I did that, I would highly recommend those as well. 


This is how we do it...Heart O' the Hills- loved it!!

This is how we do it...Heart O' the Hills- loved it!!




We drove until we needed to stop, only one bathroom break (fairy building),  mini-hike (silver springs), and books on tape made almost 600 miles fly by. We arrived tiredly at Olympic National Park Headquarters (closed at 7:30)in Port Angeles and decided to camp right up the road at Heart o’ the Hills Campground.  Another easy night of camp cooking with my frozen soups.  I actually wish we could have spent more time here, because there was so much to explore.  However, we were so anxious to cross the border, that we got up early to be ready for the ferry.   to be continued…

c.diff mama

I am a mom of three and I have c.diff.   The more I hear about this and the more I learn, the more convinced I am that people need to start taking care of their health though their own nutrition.  There are plenty of websites out there that will tell  you all about c.diff  in scientific jargon, as well as from the majority of people afflicted with this dis- ease taking antibiotics to cure this.  There are scores of stories from people who have had more than one course of action on antibiotics, as well as people who have  been told to use the tapering method,  in addition those brave souls who have gotten the fecal transplants. What is the correct thing to do?  Honestly, I am not a dr.  nor claim to know the answer, but I strongly believe that nutrition plays a much bigger role than the drs. give credit.  It is obvious that hospitals and drs. are unaware of the nutrition aspect when one has a hospital stay and they see the food they serve to SICK patients.  Most of it has corn starch, corn syrup,  and preservatives. I spent five days in the hospital (which cost my insurance $ 30,000), and have first hand knowledge of the crap they serve from their outsourced hospital food company.  Everything arrives in a box, and they then put in together as quickly as possible for the greatest profit margin.  I really can’t understand that considering I live in a very organic farm friendly part of CA.  Also interesting is the teachings of Weston Price and how his philosophy goes against popular dictcrats.  That is the diet I want to see in the hospital.  It is what I am using along with GAPS.