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We Love The Family Bed



Big Bro and Baby Sis in the Family Bed- notice the sleeping similarities

Big Bro and Baby Sis in the Family Bed- notice the sleeping similarities

We are firm believers in the “Family Bed.”  Despite the ever present criticism of such poor parenting choices, we have fully embraced it for our three children.  Sure, we got a crib when our son was born seven years ago, and I think  he might have spent 1/2 night there.  Whatever amount of time he did spend, was not pleasant for any of us, except maybe his growing collection of stuffed animals, which turned in to be the principal use of that crib.  We gladly donated it and never even looked back with the subsequent births of our two daughters.  

The Family Bed is not easy, but the rewards are great, especially if you are a working mom.  It is funny to me how people say they have tried it,  and the common complaint is that they can not sleep with all the kicking.  Well, for me I would rather be kicked than  have to get my butt up every few hours to check in on the crib.  My husband would often tell me that the baby would nurse all night, and I would be like, “really, I didn’t wake up at all?”  And that there is the beauty of the family bed, besides of course all the love.  

Yes, there were times when both kids and I were in the bed, and as they got older (and bigger,) four in the bed was not as comfy.  Those nights, my husband opted to sleep in the bunk bed which provided more adventures than we imagined…  When our daughter turned two and a quarter, we decided it was time to get them in their own beds.  We made a holiday out of it with cake and all and made it an occasion. There was no looking back and for the last three years the two of them have been sharing a bed happily, and sleeping all nigh,t all the time, seriously ,despite limbs over sibling body parts.  

Now with the birth of our third daughter we have gone back to the family bed, and are relishing every moment of tenderness.  The older kids are a bit jealous and wish they can partake, but there is no room this time around.  They are in their own beds, in their own rooms, and are doing great.  We sleep well.

 Hooray for the family  bed!!