16 Days and Counting…ROAD TRIP

Our family of five loves to road trip.  This could have been a road tripping blog because I really feel that it is something our family does really well.  As a family we have road tripped to Northern California and Southern California many times.  We have also hit Southern Oregon, and made it twice down to Baja Mexico.  I will definitely write more about that one later.


 I think what makes our trips exciting and doable is that we make a tentative plan and then are mostly flexible as to how many days and nights in a certain place.  The time has come where the plan is taking root.  We have gotten our passports and have the revamped check list ready.  Here we go…

 In 16 days we are heading up to Bowen Island,B.C. to stay with some family for three or four days.  We are starting our trip with four days at Mt. Lassen, so with that tentative plan we have days in between to take our time and see places we have read about in Sunset Magazine and see some old friends.  With my diet restrictions, I am a little nervous about embarking for two and a half weeks on the road.  I remember how difficult it was to eat on our last road trip when I was reading Omnivore’s Dilemma  by Michael Pollan.  As much as I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, it was really hard to eat anything without thinking of “King Corn.”  My nutrition is still something I have to pay close attention to because of how much it affects my physical well being.  So to prepare for this road trip I have started to food prep.  I have dehydrated apples,  bananas and strawberries.  I have made two batches of soup and put them in the freezer so that they double as ice packs.  My famous Tomato Basil and my MIL’s Lentil Soup. 

Real Food for Road Tripping

Real Food for Road Tripping


 I have also soaked and roasted nuts, and tried my first batch of kale chips which came out amazing.  I am doing a little bit every day so that we will have some healthy food on the road.  I love my Excaliber Dehydrator.  But I definitely use it in waves, more so in the summer with all the fresh fruit and produce.  We went berry picking yesterday and with some of the berries, we made a cobbler and with the other part we made fruit rolls.


"gotta love berry cobbler"

"gotta love berry cobbler"


Our next plan on the road trip is to really take advantage of the local produce stands.  We will be bringing the Dutch Oven so as to make more cobblers while we are camping. As I am continuing to food prep and try some new recipes I am amazed at all the possibilities. Each day I am trying something new, and putting at least half of it away.  We’ll see if it  makes it for 16 more days!!

p.s. the kale chips didn’t!!


1 Response to “16 Days and Counting…ROAD TRIP”

  1. 1 james5555 June 28, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    Glad to hear you love your food dehydrator. Yes excalibur is a great brand. Hope you enjoyed your road trip!

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