Vintage Tooth Fairy

We are anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy/slug in the next few weeks.  Two of my children are having fun loosening their teeth. The older of the two is waiting to lose tooth #7, while the younger of the two is hoping for #1.  My husband and I have already discussed the tooth fairy or what my husband lovingly refers to as the tooth slug. We settled on a $2.00 maximum and something else.  It is funny how caught up we get in it all, and I strongly believe in keeping the tooth fairy vintage. I applaud those parents who stand firm and give a quarter for a lost tooth, rather than give into popular pressure,( and inflation) that more is better. A friend posted on her facebook that her daughter asked for $20., and the mom actually said she had to go back in to her room and  put more money in. What???? I hate this permissive parenting sh@!. But truth be told, I am guilty of it as well. For why was I not happy with just $2.00?  So I knew I had to add something else, but didn’t want it to be money.   We usually give the $$ in quarters, and then  because our son was into fishing at the time we added fishing lures to the pocket.  He loved it, and my husband loved cleaning out his old tackle box. My suggestion is to find some old costume jewelry or something that is hidden in a drawer for your kids, rather than $$.  We are trying to figure out what to give our daughter  because she is anxiously awaiting something, but she had adamantly asked for no lures.  I am thinking of some random beads with a piece of leather string.  

To kick off the tooth fairy energy we did an easy craft project that they actually pretty much did themselves.  They made their own tooth fairy pillows and filled them with lavender and rice.  I let them choose their own fabrics and told them to choose a front, back and pocket. The first thing they had to do was figure out what shape and size.  They then cut out the shape of pillow that they wanted and decided where to put the pocket.  The pocket was sewed on first, and then they sewed three of the sides.  After that, they filled it up with rice and put in a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I then sew the last side because it is  a little tricky with the rice.  So now they have a tooth fairy pillow, eye relaxation pillow, and bean bag… They love ’em!!


Truly HomeMade Tooth Fairy Pillows

Truly HomeMade Tooth Fairy Pillows




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