C.Diff gone??

Am I really clear of C.diff?  I kinda thinks I am. Even though my labs came back negative, the C- diff is still there, but I think it is going to sleep for a long while…I have been sneaking chocolate the last few days, with no consequence. Now, I am not going to get too cocky here, but I think  I am doing pretty well. There is so much misinformation about C.Diff, and I would love to let people know what I did.  I pretty much followed the GAPS diet, which allowed me to heal my gut.  I believe if I keep eating GAP foods ( with the occasional chocolate and sourdough) than my gut will get stronger.  The GAPS diet is similar to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and has been proven to clear symptoms of autism, depression, and whole host of other health issues, according to the founder, Natasha Campbell-McBride. The premise is that once you stop the breeding ground in  your gut from processed foods, sugar, flours and grains, the toxicity of your blood will alleviate, and hence your symptoms will cease.  Probiotics and fermented foods are key here-(I am anxiously awaiting my newly purchased Sudermik crock from the UPS guy any day now.)  Once I started my research, I did not find much information about GAPS healing c.Diff, but I believe it has.  I am so motivated by my nutritional healing that I am thinking of studying nutrition this next year. However that might be difficult while I am homeschooling two children, and raising a 6 month old.  Hmmm
On another note, I also tried another therapy that helped alleviate the C. diff symptoms, which was oil pulling.   My sister mentioned it to me, and I swear it helped the immediate symptoms and then in addition kept on the beginning GAPS diet. Throughout all this, I have seen many “experts,” in their respective field,  and each one was pretty unfamiliar with GAPS, C.Diff, oil pulling.  I saw a g.i specialist who didn’t know poop except to load me with antibiotics, even though I was nursing five week old baby.  I saw a chiropractor who wanted to give my supplements, an acupuncturist who helped my soul, a naturopath who gave me strength, and a D.O. who straightened me out.  As I am/was going through all this I am reminded of what I learned when I read , Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss and reality of  the mind-body connection.  I am healing everyday because  I am facing this head- on and being active in my recovery, and not masking it.  I remember the first few days as I was researching and feeling so overwhelmed and angry and wondering if I would ever get to eat bread or chocolate again.  And I am happy to say, I see the light at the end of the tunnel…mmmmmm
ps. I will write more about the importance of probiotics and fermented foods in healing as well.

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