Will Power Out The Window

According to Wikipedia: Will power is the ability to exert
one's wills over one's actions. 
I have never been really good at exhibiting will power, 
until these last three months.  The reason I am writing
about it is because tonight it went out the window, and I am actually 
ok with it. I might feel differently tomorrow morning, but 
right now with the chocolate flavors still lingering in my mouth; 
I feel great. 
Seriously this was the first time in my entire life that I didn't 
eat what I wanted because I knew it would affect my body negatively. 
In early March I was diagnosed with Clostridium Difficile, 
also known as C.Diff, which is known as the most serious cause of 
antibiotic associated diarreah.  I got it after a lovely five day 
stay at the hospital for treatment of a uterine staph infection 
which got me good.  Needless to say it has been hell recovering, 
but I have learned so much and that is why I am writing this blog. 
The nutritional information from the Body Ecology Diet, 
The GAPS diet, WAPS Diet and oil pulling have increased my 
vitality and has given me the strength and will power to continue.  
I have not eaten refined sugar for three months, albeit this
evening,I also have not eaten any white flour, grains, and milk.
So although my will power went out the window tonight,
I can go back tomorrow and still feel good.  
Happy Birthday to ME!
p.s. I did have two glasses of my kudra (beet) kvass today. It came out 

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