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16 Days and Counting…ROAD TRIP

Our family of five loves to road trip.  This could have been a road tripping blog because I really feel that it is something our family does really well.  As a family we have road tripped to Northern California and Southern California many times.  We have also hit Southern Oregon, and made it twice down to Baja Mexico.  I will definitely write more about that one later.


 I think what makes our trips exciting and doable is that we make a tentative plan and then are mostly flexible as to how many days and nights in a certain place.  The time has come where the plan is taking root.  We have gotten our passports and have the revamped check list ready.  Here we go…

 In 16 days we are heading up to Bowen Island,B.C. to stay with some family for three or four days.  We are starting our trip with four days at Mt. Lassen, so with that tentative plan we have days in between to take our time and see places we have read about in Sunset Magazine and see some old friends.  With my diet restrictions, I am a little nervous about embarking for two and a half weeks on the road.  I remember how difficult it was to eat on our last road trip when I was reading Omnivore’s Dilemma  by Michael Pollan.  As much as I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, it was really hard to eat anything without thinking of “King Corn.”  My nutrition is still something I have to pay close attention to because of how much it affects my physical well being.  So to prepare for this road trip I have started to food prep.  I have dehydrated apples,  bananas and strawberries.  I have made two batches of soup and put them in the freezer so that they double as ice packs.  My famous Tomato Basil and my MIL’s Lentil Soup. 

Real Food for Road Tripping

Real Food for Road Tripping


 I have also soaked and roasted nuts, and tried my first batch of kale chips which came out amazing.  I am doing a little bit every day so that we will have some healthy food on the road.  I love my Excaliber Dehydrator.  But I definitely use it in waves, more so in the summer with all the fresh fruit and produce.  We went berry picking yesterday and with some of the berries, we made a cobbler and with the other part we made fruit rolls.


"gotta love berry cobbler"

"gotta love berry cobbler"


Our next plan on the road trip is to really take advantage of the local produce stands.  We will be bringing the Dutch Oven so as to make more cobblers while we are camping. As I am continuing to food prep and try some new recipes I am amazed at all the possibilities. Each day I am trying something new, and putting at least half of it away.  We’ll see if it  makes it for 16 more days!!

p.s. the kale chips didn’t!!


Vintage Tooth Fairy

We are anticipating a visit from the tooth fairy/slug in the next few weeks.  Two of my children are having fun loosening their teeth. The older of the two is waiting to lose tooth #7, while the younger of the two is hoping for #1.  My husband and I have already discussed the tooth fairy or what my husband lovingly refers to as the tooth slug. We settled on a $2.00 maximum and something else.  It is funny how caught up we get in it all, and I strongly believe in keeping the tooth fairy vintage. I applaud those parents who stand firm and give a quarter for a lost tooth, rather than give into popular pressure,( and inflation) that more is better. A friend posted on her facebook that her daughter asked for $20., and the mom actually said she had to go back in to her room and  put more money in. What???? I hate this permissive parenting sh@!. But truth be told, I am guilty of it as well. For why was I not happy with just $2.00?  So I knew I had to add something else, but didn’t want it to be money.   We usually give the $$ in quarters, and then  because our son was into fishing at the time we added fishing lures to the pocket.  He loved it, and my husband loved cleaning out his old tackle box. My suggestion is to find some old costume jewelry or something that is hidden in a drawer for your kids, rather than $$.  We are trying to figure out what to give our daughter  because she is anxiously awaiting something, but she had adamantly asked for no lures.  I am thinking of some random beads with a piece of leather string.  

To kick off the tooth fairy energy we did an easy craft project that they actually pretty much did themselves.  They made their own tooth fairy pillows and filled them with lavender and rice.  I let them choose their own fabrics and told them to choose a front, back and pocket. The first thing they had to do was figure out what shape and size.  They then cut out the shape of pillow that they wanted and decided where to put the pocket.  The pocket was sewed on first, and then they sewed three of the sides.  After that, they filled it up with rice and put in a few drops of lavender essential oil.  I then sew the last side because it is  a little tricky with the rice.  So now they have a tooth fairy pillow, eye relaxation pillow, and bean bag… They love ’em!!


Truly HomeMade Tooth Fairy Pillows

Truly HomeMade Tooth Fairy Pillows



The Clothes Line

I am so excited… I finally put up a clothes line.  I have been wanting one for years.  Yes, years.  Why has it taken so  long for me to put one up?  It took mere  minutes.   Well, I wanted a good one because I have lots and lots of laundry.  I researched and researched and found one manufactured in Ireland that was quite expensive, but yet perfect.  I then realized that I couldn’t really justify the cost, so I thought I could get my husband to build two posts and a revolving line.  I waited… and waited.  Finally I realized that I would just have to do it, and just bite the bullet and get one. So I headed over to the “way too close to my neighborhood”  Home Depot and got a twenty foot line for under $ 20.00.  Perfect??  Why yes, just look at the picture and my  fresh laundry.

my lovely clothes line

my lovely clothes line

C.Diff gone??

Am I really clear of C.diff?  I kinda thinks I am. Even though my labs came back negative, the C- diff is still there, but I think it is going to sleep for a long while…I have been sneaking chocolate the last few days, with no consequence. Now, I am not going to get too cocky here, but I think  I am doing pretty well. There is so much misinformation about C.Diff, and I would love to let people know what I did.  I pretty much followed the GAPS diet, which allowed me to heal my gut.  I believe if I keep eating GAP foods ( with the occasional chocolate and sourdough) than my gut will get stronger.  The GAPS diet is similar to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and has been proven to clear symptoms of autism, depression, and whole host of other health issues, according to the founder, Natasha Campbell-McBride. The premise is that once you stop the breeding ground in  your gut from processed foods, sugar, flours and grains, the toxicity of your blood will alleviate, and hence your symptoms will cease.  Probiotics and fermented foods are key here-(I am anxiously awaiting my newly purchased Sudermik crock from the UPS guy any day now.)  Once I started my research, I did not find much information about GAPS healing c.Diff, but I believe it has.  I am so motivated by my nutritional healing that I am thinking of studying nutrition this next year. However that might be difficult while I am homeschooling two children, and raising a 6 month old.  Hmmm
On another note, I also tried another therapy that helped alleviate the C. diff symptoms, which was oil pulling.   My sister mentioned it to me, and I swear it helped the immediate symptoms and then in addition kept on the beginning GAPS diet. Throughout all this, I have seen many “experts,” in their respective field,  and each one was pretty unfamiliar with GAPS, C.Diff, oil pulling.  I saw a g.i specialist who didn’t know poop except to load me with antibiotics, even though I was nursing five week old baby.  I saw a chiropractor who wanted to give my supplements, an acupuncturist who helped my soul, a naturopath who gave me strength, and a D.O. who straightened me out.  As I am/was going through all this I am reminded of what I learned when I read , Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss and reality of  the mind-body connection.  I am healing everyday because  I am facing this head- on and being active in my recovery, and not masking it.  I remember the first few days as I was researching and feeling so overwhelmed and angry and wondering if I would ever get to eat bread or chocolate again.  And I am happy to say, I see the light at the end of the tunnel…mmmmmm
ps. I will write more about the importance of probiotics and fermented foods in healing as well.

Will Power Out The Window

According to Wikipedia: Will power is the ability to exert
one's wills over one's actions. 
I have never been really good at exhibiting will power, 
until these last three months.  The reason I am writing
about it is because tonight it went out the window, and I am actually 
ok with it. I might feel differently tomorrow morning, but 
right now with the chocolate flavors still lingering in my mouth; 
I feel great. 
Seriously this was the first time in my entire life that I didn't 
eat what I wanted because I knew it would affect my body negatively. 
In early March I was diagnosed with Clostridium Difficile, 
also known as C.Diff, which is known as the most serious cause of 
antibiotic associated diarreah.  I got it after a lovely five day 
stay at the hospital for treatment of a uterine staph infection 
which got me good.  Needless to say it has been hell recovering, 
but I have learned so much and that is why I am writing this blog. 
The nutritional information from the Body Ecology Diet, 
The GAPS diet, WAPS Diet and oil pulling have increased my 
vitality and has given me the strength and will power to continue.  
I have not eaten refined sugar for three months, albeit this
evening,I also have not eaten any white flour, grains, and milk.
So although my will power went out the window tonight,
I can go back tomorrow and still feel good.  
Happy Birthday to ME!
p.s. I did have two glasses of my kudra (beet) kvass today. It came out 

beet love

 It was wrapped up in a funky hippie skirt, the kind with little prayer bells on it, that he had picked up at a garage  sale. As I unwrapped the skirt I was taken aback by  one of the most romantic things my husband has ever given to me.  It was a large, deep reddish beet, yes a beet!   The beet held significance because it was that summer ( the summer we worked in Alaska) that we both read, Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins.  We both fell in love with each other on a different level and believed it was the book that fueled our passion.  Hence the beet…

I have to admit I never ate that beet; I just let it sit on the kitchen table as a centerpiece and reminder of my love. I have never been fond of beets, and when they appeared in my CSA box I would always look at them and smile as I gave them away to beet loving friends.

The time has come for me to discover my true beet love.  I have been dealing with quite a few health issues, will be discussed in later posts, and one thing I need to do is strengthen my blood.  I have found that healing nutritionally is working well for me and I researched a recipe for beet kvass, a blood tonic.  The recipe can be found in one of my most favorite cook/nutrition books, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I absolutely  love this book.  I have had it for a few years and am only now  making my first batch of beet kvass. I will let you know how it turns out and post the recipe.  It is currently fermenting on my counter.  yummy??